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Bible Faith Tabernacle was born out of a desire of various young people, all in a denominational Church, wanting to have a closer encounter with God and study the Scriptures. They approached Bro. Amos Segun Omoboriowo who they looked up to and had much respect for, and a much needed House Fellowship / Study group was started in Bro. Amos' house in Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi, Lagos, the year 1988.

Brother Amos Omoboriowo had two main encounters with God. In the first encounter, God used the text in Ezekiel 38:7-8 to speak to his heart: "Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them ... After many days thou shalt be visited".

The group constantly prayed, with fasting, for a revival, and were encouraged by Brother Amos to stand for whatever truth of the Bible they had seen over the years. They met on a Saturday anytime that Brother Amos was available and in the country. Brother Amos forgot all about the text in Ezekiel and being a guard. He lived to serve God in the organized system of religion he thought to be right. This organisation had ordained Brother Amos as an evangelist, and he had become the founding Pastor of the London branch of the Evangelical Church of Yahweh. Brother Amos later resigned as Pastor, and left the entire organization in order to follow truth, inspite of the very cordial relationship he had with this organisation. He went to various kinds of Churches trying to find that truth, and then when invited to Church by a friend, Brother Amos came into the end - time message of the Prophet to the age, William Marrion Branham, in this place. He was hooked and eventually settled in this large message following in Lagos, Grace & Truth Tabernacle. Subsequently, because of much pressure from family and brethren, to start his own ministry, and hence Church, Brother Amos yet again returned to London to start a new life around August, 1989. He knew he could not just start his own Church, unless it was the will of God.

It was on 15th November, 1989, whilst in London, that Bro. Amos had his second encounter with God. God spoke in the same fashion, using yet another text - Micah 2:10: "Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with sore destruction". No sooner had he got to London, he was being asked to leave. Brother Amos asked three things of God to confirm his having to leave. All three came to pass, and God confirmed this revelation to him in a dream that same night. So by 15th December,1989, Brother Amos was back in Lagos.

Bro. Amos travelled far and wide to read, collect and photocopy all "Sermon Books" he could find, and had a real feast in the Lord. Incidentally, many of the youths from the house fellowship group in his days in the organised system, were already attending this particular Church, and the Saturday house fellowship continued in Bro. Amos' house, now in Gbagada Estate Phase 2. More brethren joined the meetings, and Bro. Amos asked his Pastor for permission to continue to lead the group. The Pastor was very happy for the group and gave his consent. The young people had a forum to address Bible issues, and it wasn't a surprise that when error was preached (and it was), in Church, on a Sunday, Brother Amos was able, by God's grace, to show the errors from the Bible, and further encourage the group to stand.

These many encounters with errors being preached in that assembly, caused Bro. Amos, to put pen to paper and write two epistles to the Pastor. The first entitled "Gifts, Signs and Wonders", and the second, about 50 pages long, "Signs have to follow them". The Pastor preached his disagreement from the pulpit. He did not see the need for the gifts and signs, but felt all that was needed was love. He nullified 1 Cor: 12 with 1 Cor: 13, saying that love is more important than gifts.

Brother Amos changed to another message Church, Bible Believers Fellowship. Although the brethren were nice people, they were not ready to stand for the apostolic continuity of truth. Nevertheless, the house fellowship continued on Saturdays with the Pastor's approval, and was very popular with the other minister of the assembly he now attended. The Pastor himself attended once. Brother Amos had a challenging debate with the ministry at this assembly, and although they could not refute Brother Amos' stand for Truth, they were unwilling to take the same stand. It was with this Assembly that Bro. Amos was invited to join the Ministers for a Convention in Tema, Ghana, also Bible Believers Fellowship - B.B.F. This was 1991. The Convention was made up of Ministers in the message following, from the various groups of beliefs, within the Branham movement; but that is where God opened Brother Amos' eyes to the continuity message of Apostle Raymond Jackson of Faith Assembly (U.S.A). He saw Contender Magazines sitting on a shelf, and when he flicked through them, they were Parts 1-5 of "The Beginning to the End" series. A voice spoke to Brother Amos' heart: "This man has a message for the bride, you must hear him". He heard this twice, and immediately requested for copies. Upon his return to Lagos, Brother Amos looked around and asked for more Contenders, only to find out that his own Pastor had a hidden supply, and had been on the Faith Assembly mailng list for sometime. They refused to follow this continuity of truth, and as Bro. Amos grew more weary, he decided to stay at home.

The first week he had Church in his house in Shomolu with his sister, who had left the same assembly the week before. Brother Amos preached, they sang and prayed. The following week, they were three. Brother Amos' Brother in-law was visiting, and he was able to share the word, and they sang and prayed. The third week, a knock was heard, and a brother joined them. This went on for several weeks, each week, a new brother or sister seeking truth. The group grew and all gathered, like old times, for the Saturday house fellowship. They worshipped in various places over the coming months because of space: A welder's open shed, Brother Amos' father's house in Ebute Metta, even in a School Hall. Brother Amos' landlord did not want a Church on his premises. During these many months, the brethren attending these Saturday meetings, started coming individually on a Sunday, and the Saturday was substituted by a full Sunday service, in June of 1991: Bible Faith Tabernacle (B.F.T.) Church was formed, fulfilling a dream God gave a brother, a few years back.

Everyone still looked to Bro. Amos for spiritual leadership, and it was his teachings of Bro. Branham's message, and the continutity message of Bro. Jackson, that grounded the Church firmly in Truth. The day to day running and the full responsibility of the Church rested on Bro. Amos' shoulders from the very beginning. He planned the preaching schedules, saw to the finances, and addressed every other need of the group. He did it naturally, with ease, and with great zeal. Brother Amos has a great compassion for people. The B.F.T Church was formed with initially four brothers standing in a stop gap ministry, called the "Exhorting Brothers": Brother Amos Segun Omoboriowo, Brother Edward Olabayo, Brother Bola Omooba, and a fourth brother. The fourth brother was asked to step down because of a conflict in the truth they all stood for. Brother Amos picked the name of the Church - BIBLE FAITH TABERNACLE, to reflect the stand of the Church. The three brothers stood gallantly for many years till Brother Amos took over the full - time pastoral ministry of the Church on 22nd July, 2002, as moved by the Spirit of God.

Over the years, the Church has had its many battles for truth against falsehood and error. False prophets have tried to take over the Church and caused division. Conflicts have arisen with brethren wanting to follow both Apostle Raymond Jackson's teachings, as well as the teachings of Pastor Richard Gan of Singapore. This caused Brother Amos to write his first real book entitled: They Shall See Eye To Eye - The Watchmen. Two cannot walk together unless they agree. Brother Amos has single - handedly stood guard over the Church, over the years, as God gave grace. The Church has stood for the continuity of revelation, as set forth by God, through the Chief Apostle, Raymond Jackson, and will continue to stand, till God calls her home. The Church now has a building on land it has leased for the past nine years. B.F.T. waited fourteen years, till 2003, for the visitation that God promised Bro. Amos way back in 1989. God has proved Himself faithful, and has always dealt with the Church in dreams. It is through the grounding of the Word and Brother Amos' teachings, as God enabled, that forged the Church forward to what she is today: An assembly standing on the whole truths of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The continuity truths received from Brother Jackson has been the turning point in the life of the Church.

Bible Faith Tabernacle was born out of a desire to come out of the confusion plaguing the various Branham movement Churches here in Lagos, Nigeria, having come into, and stood for the continuity of light, given to God's bride at this end time. Everything has been engineered by God. Bible Faith Tabernacle was fashioned by the various circumstances God used to help His people stand!

Stand by the Rock of Revealed Truth. It makes the difference! (Matt. 16:15-18)

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